New EPs

I have been collecting EPs from a small collection of new artists that are trying their best to break-through into the music scene, and I, personally, cannot wait for each of them to make it happen. The first is Ryn Weaver, who’s hit OctaHate is the greatest synth-pop song I have heard in a very long time. Her voice is ethereal, smooth, and absolutely stunning. Weaver’s EP, Promises dropped in August, and I found that she is even more talented than I imagined. Check out her next single, Promises, for a lesson in high-class song-writing and catchy melodies.

Next, I found out that a personal favorite of mine, LA-based Mad Moon Riot, were dropping a FREE EP with the release of their new video, a cover of Bruno Mars’ Gorilla. If there are two things I love in this world, they are Bruno Mars and LA-based rock bands, therefore I was pumped! The new EP features Gorilla, which is a fantastic rock-infused take of the original, an updated version of Feels Like the Way that I am hoping will be the lead single, and an acoustic version of the band’s original single Running on Empty that features some beautiful piano work and gorgeous vocals. Kudos to guitarist, Pou Piam, for some truly amazing work on Gorilla, and lead singer Mia Swier, who has seriously upped her vocal game since the release of the group’s original EP.

Finally, I found MisterWives quite awhile back when their single, Reflections, was featured on iTunes’ Single of the Week. I was immediately hooked by lead singer Mandy Lee’s high soprano and the dance floor tune became a fast favorite for my workout playlist. When I discovered the band’s EP, I found there is more to them than dance floor jams and pop confection. Coffins features some beautiful strings and a slower tempo, and Kings and Queens showcases Lee on the verses with minimalistic background, building into big, bold choruses. Overall, Reflections will make you dance in your car, shower, apartment, wherever you play it, but it will also prove that MisterWives have more to show the world.

EPs are great. They give lesser known artists a way to show the world what they have, without releasing a whole album. Heck, I discovered Sam Smith through his genius Nirvana EP, and look where he is now! These three artists are just a few of the many talented people out there trying to make it big, and I am definitely rooting for each and every one of them!

P.S. MisterWives and Ryn Weaver’s EPs can be purchased on iTunes. You can grab Mad Moon Riot’s for FREE at, though all donations go to Adopt the Arts. So there’s that.

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