Lollapalooza: Part Two

The second day of Lollapalooza brought about some interesting revelations. We started off our morning with Shovel and Rope, a pretty chill Folk group that were solid enough to kick off our day. Next, we went to Little Green Cars, a band I am completely obsessed with, and got a pretty legit view. Faye O’Rourke, the band’s lone female, lost her voice that morning, but she still managed to belt everything out. Seriously, if that’s how she sounds with laryngitis, she has got to be ridiculous and full capacity. The intricate harmonies of that group are just as satisfying live as they are on the album.

Next, we went to Ben Howard, who was as vocally amazing as you would expect, though his stuff can get a little too chill for large crowds. Then, we hit up Matt and Kim, a DJ duo that talk way too much and should just get back to the music. The beats they made were pretty amazing, there were just far too many speaking interludes.

To end our evening, we did the three-peat of Haim, Mumford and Sons, and Postal Service. Best. Decision. Ever. Haim was completely fantastic. Those girls are super hot rocker chicks with crazy good vocals. They said they are working on a debut album, and I cannot freaking wait! Buy it! We wandered over to Mumford for a little bit. They play a mean banjo, and we caught most of the highlight songs before heading to Postal Service. Don’t get me wrong. I love Mumford and Sons, but two hours of their music gets a little monotonous. Ending the night with Postal Service was such a blessing in disguise since it was their last show! This is tragic news. I’ve seen Postal Service twice in one year, and have not been disappointed. Highlights included Brand New Colony and Such Great Heights, so YouTube those gems if you want to check them out!

Overall, the weather is beautiful, the music is fantastic, and the people are having a good time. I still maintain, however, that high-waisted short-shorts are overrated.

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