I discovered Bastille through iTunes free single of the week, so, well played Apple. I downloaded Pompeii and was immediately in love. That single is so catchy and fun that I could not wait for more from this band. Luckily, Bad Blood was released not too long ago. This album is filled with anthemic goodness that is sure to tickle your eardrums. With  allusions to Greek mythology, Biblical references, and straight up historical facts sprinkled throughout, these London-based rockers created an above average album. They are brought down a bit on slow ballads, as the lead singers voice can get a bit thin without the tribal drums to back him up, but the record is mostly filled with their real strength. Upbeat, driven pop-rock gems.

Personally, I love Flaws, a song about opening yourself up to someone for the first time. I also really enjoy Icarus, where that Greek mythology comes into play, and, of course, the one that hooked me, Pompeii. 

On a sidenote, I pre-ordered Lorde’s Pure Heroine and Haim’s Days Are GoneSeptember 30 cannot get here fast enough.



Ok. I know that talking about how ridiculously amazing Queen is is probably the most obvious statement in the world, but it’s still a fact. Plus, I just spent 20 hours in the car driving from Kansas to Florida, and I listened to a whole lot of Freddie Mercury between the two states. The simple truth is, Freddie Mercury is the greatest performer to have ever lived. He had undeniable stage presence, and I will forever be heartbroken that I never had the chance to see him live. Today’s artists, like Adam Lambert, are still trying to copy and capture some of his magic, but it can’t be done. You simply can’t top an original.

My roommate will tell you that my favorite Queen song is Somebody to Love, and, I will admit it is one of my top three. There is something so infectious about that jam. I just adore it. (On a sidenote, I was actually offended when I found out she had never heard that song before we lived together and immediately corrected that situation.) I would have to say, however, that Don’t Stop Me Now is my all-time favorite Queen song, if I am forced to pick. It is so uplifting and joyful, not to mention you can really dance to it. Bohemian Rhapsody will always hold a special place in my heart, since my college friends and I used to sing it EVERY night we went out, (with spoon microphones and air guitars, of course) and We Will Rock You is the greatest pump-up pre-game song of all time. Finally, Bicycle Race is a fast-paced and often unloved Queen jam that is simply fantastic, especially if you are a cycling fan.

Queen changed the face and sound of music. Every one knows their songs and every one loves their music. Between the musical based on their repertoire (We Will Rock You out of London. See it if you get the chance!), Glee reworking some of their classic hits, and other artists trying to remix greatness, I have three versions of all their greatest hits on my iPod. And yet, the Queen versions are far and away the most often played. After all, you can’t touch perfection.