Lake Street Dive

I know, I know. I’ve been MIA for quite some time. Turns out, finishing graduate school, moving to a new city, taking boards, and trying to find a job are all sort of time consuming activities. Now that I’m back, can we just discuss Lake Street Dive for a second? Because they are my favorite thing about music in 2014, even if it is only just barely breaking April. 

I cannot claim Lake Street Dive as my own discovery. Within a week, my former roommate, as well as my brother-in-law, both alerted me to the awesome that is this band. I could not be more grateful. Upon their recommendation, I decided to check the band on when their lead single, Bad Self Portraits, was posted as a Single of the Week on iTunes. It is absolutely perfect. Amazing jazz vocals from Rachael Price? Check. Soul influences in the drums and guitar? Check. Entertaining, self-aware lyrics? Double check. 

I could not get enough after that first listen, and, it turns out, the entire album is a revolution. With nods to old-school jazz and swing, 60’s soul, and a touch of 90’s pop, this band hits all the right notes. (Pun intended.) You Go Down Smooth is an upbeat, driving tune that has had me caught dancing in my car on more than one occasion. Better Than slows it down and proves this group can cover all your basics, ballads included. My favorite is probably Seventeen, a tale of meeting the right person at the not-quite-so-right time. If you are unwilling to take the plunge with new songs, give their album, Fun Machine, a listen. It’s a collection of covers that show the group’s true musical influences, from ABBA to The Beatles to Jackson 5.