Sara Bareilles

Alright, this is not new information, but Sara Bareilles is amazing. She is a down-to-earth, cool chick who writes great songs and can play the tar out of that piano. I am so excited to see her really breaking through and getting some critical and popular love this past year. Brave is all over the radio, television commercials, and nearly any other place you can think of. It was riddled with controversy when Katy Perry released Roar, a power anthem with a nearly identical musical phrasing, melody, and theme. Considering Ms. Perry gave a shout-out to Brave long before Roar was released, I’m guessing she was aware of the similarities, but Sara handled with grace and a good sense of humor.

Apart from the large commercial hit of BraveThe Blessed Unrest includes other favorites such as I Choose You, Eden, and Little Black Dress. From her previous work on Little Voice, I adore Fairytale, a disillusioned look at storybook tales, and Come Round Soon and Gravity, a couple of beautiful ballads about love-gone-wrong. Sweet As Whole is from her EP, Once Upon A Time, and completely riddled with cursed words, start to finish. It is a charmingly light song about all of the truly terrible people there are out in the world. Put that song on after a day filled with jerks and frustrating know-it-alls. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

Now, it is exceedingly clear at this point that I adore Ms. Bareilles. She puts on a killer live show, seems like a genuinely funny and sweet person, and consistently puts out great music. My favorite collective piece from her thus far in her career? Kaleidoscope HeartFrom beginning to end, this album is genius. It is clear that Sara went through quite the heartbreak before writing this album, but the songs aren’t all sad and depressing. Say You’re Sorry and Gonna Get Over You are upbeat, catchy tunes about moving on with or without an apology.  Uncharted was a beautiful piece that became my personal theme for the two years I spent in graduate school, finding myself as an adult and learning how to live on my own. Other favorites include Machine Gun, Basket Case, and Bluebird, but, honestly, there is no going wrong here.