Bruno Mars

So a lot happened at the MTV VMAs last night. Justin Timberlake put on the world’s most ridiculous performance, proving himself as the President of Pop. NSYNC reunited. (Which is second only to Destiny’s Child reuniting in terms of my excitement level. Come on. We all know those ladies crushed the boys.) And Miley and Robin Thicke had the weirdest, most sexually uncomfortable act I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, Miley was completely off her rocker crazy in that, but can we not forget that Robin Thicke is a grown man with a wife and child? Come on, dude. Make better decisions.

However, the highlight for me was actually the reminder of just how well Bruno Mars can sing! Seriously, it is insane how much vocal control he has every single time he performs. I’ll admit, Gorillas is not my favorite song. I like something a little more subtle in my lyrics, but the straight singing was phenomenal. It is easy to forget how much I enjoy Bruno because his songs get so overplayed on the radio, and you eventually begin to hate them with a passion. Don’t let that happen to you! They are actually amazing little pop gems. They should be considering Bruno started his career writing hits for everyone else.

I decided to list a few of my favorites that have not been on heavy radio rotation. Give them a try if you love Bruno’s style but are tired of Locked Out of Heaven and Grenade. From Doo-Wops and Hooligans, I personally love Runaway Baby. It is on every workout mix I’ve ever made, and the beat just drives and drives straight through to the end. I also love Talking to the Moon, an ode to a lost love that is quite beautiful. Count On Me is the most adorable bestie song to ever be created, so throw that on and call up every friend you know. From Unorthodox JukeboxNatalie is hands-down the sickest revenge song I have ever heard. It’s a tiny bit twisted, but you kind of forget once the beat kicks in. Show Me is great if you wanna slow it down and grind a little bit, and Treasure has such a fantastic 70’s vibe with the horns that it is probably my all-time Bruno favorite. I’m really hoping the radio doesn’t kill that one for me, but the odds are not in my favor.

Bruno Mars

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