Sky Ferreira

Alright, I know. Total fail on keeping up with my posts. I’d offer some great explanation if I had one, but all I’ve got is life gets busy sometimes. Oops!

Anyway, as an amends, I bring you Sky Ferreira. Prepare to fall in love. I first heard this little rebel lady on her original single, Obsession. That was a few years ago, and I still love. that. jam. It is genius. I waited and waited, and I didn’t hear much more from dear Ms. Ferreira until this past month. Her newest single, 24 Hours, showed up on iTunes Free Single of the Week. Needless to say, Apple got me again. I bought her new album after hearing this gem, and then convinced my bestie that she needed some Sky in her life. She described Sky as reminiscent of early 80’s Madonna and Whitney Houston a la Dance With Somebody. Sometimes, my bestie is a genius.

I won’t try and convince you that Sky Ferreira is the greatest vocalist in recent history, or that her songs are incredibly groundbreaking lyrical gold. What I will say is that she creates fantastic dance-pop tunes with a dash of rock. Just enough to keep it interesting. If you are a child of the 80’s, give her a listen. My personal favorites include Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)You’re Not the One, and I Blame Myself. Or take a listen to her original hit, Obsession. It’s seriously amazing, even if a little stalkerish.

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