Do not call Bleacher’s album, from fun.’s Jack Antonoff, a side project. He is quick to assert that Bleachers and Strange Desires is a completely separate entity from the mega-popular fun. Upon listening to the album, it is easy to see that Antonoff is right. Strange Desires plays as an album much more rock-centered than the typically synthesized and top-40 vibe we have grown to expect from, and I quote, “that other band [he] sometimes plays in.” I grew up in the 90’s. I love the 90’s. I wish we could all go back and relive the 90’s. Because of this, it makes senses that I adore the debut album from Bleachers. The 90’s alt-rock influence is heavy and easy to hear.

I Wanna Get Better is the lead single, a raucous tribute to feeling stuck in a life and realizing there may be a way to turn it around. It is full of seemingly non-sensical lyrics that heighten the feeling of chaos, and yet accurately and astutely describe a life of monotony and dissatisfaction. Other personal favorites include: Rollercoaster, Wild Heart, and Reckless Love. 

If you are looking for a band that delivers classic, good old-fashioned rock, give Bleachers a try. If not, wait a few months until fun.’s next album drops. Because Antonoff doesn’t do side projects. He is simply in two bands at once.